Happy new year!

It’s been a long time since I posted the last time, sorry for that! Happy and healthy new year everybody – I’ve been pretty busy working on my music photography carreer and it looks gooood for now.

Iceland Airwaves was great fun (as always) and I love that small, established kind of family you meet there year after year. It’s that awesome to walk into any random venue to a band you’ve never heard before and be sure to meet at least two or three photographer buddies from all over the world and some other musicians or media people you know for years. Truly one of the festivals charms and one more reason to come back again and again and again… I finally managed to finish the pictures and to put some in a new gallery – find it right here.

Like at the Taubertal Festival I also became part of the Bergfestival photo/PR crew. It’s been a lot of fun and pleasure to work with these two teams – thanks everybody for your warm admittance and the sleepless nights. See you 2015 at the Cuba Libre team fridge.

By now I’m looking forward to 2015 with hopefully a lot of concerts and festivals, and yes, the next one is just upon me – I’m attending Eurosonic Noorderslaag next week in the Netherlands. You know, Iceland is Eurosonic’s focus country this year, so I HAVE to be there. Thankfully, the guys of Iceland Music Export think the same and so we’ll try to cover every icelandic artist playing next week. Stay tuned for some pictures here and on Instagram, oh, did I mention that you find me on Instagram? Righty right!

Have a great music year 2015!