Astronautalis live @ Musikverein (K4 Nürnberg)

Regularly, I’m kind of fixed on scandinavian bands.

This time I made an exception to visit a concert of Andy Bothwell aka Astronautalis. This insane talented, Minneapolis based guy was kind enough to get on stage this week in nuremberg and I had the honour to be there for concert pictures. It’s hard to describe the kind of music Andy makes –  I would say, it’s something between hip-hop/rap/electro/indie-rock, well maybe a mashup of all, or mixing up the best of these genres.
To be honest, I’m not really into the usual yo, bling motherf***er rap/hip-hop, so this guy amazes me even more by doing something totally different – incredible touching lyrics that actually mean something, combined with catchy tunes, nice guitar and good drum support and there you go, I’m addicted.
Having him on my radar since a few months, due to my brothers’ recommendation (thanks :-), I was glad to see that Andy performed in the same energetic way as can be seen on those many youtube live videos I’ve watched before the concert. With lots of laughters and nice talk between the songs and a lot of sweaty rapping and great performing on the stage and in the crowd. So enjoy my concert shots and maybe catch a glimpse of the live atmosphere in the video of an older concert below.
Astronautalis is on european tour right now, so have a look at the tour dates and if you’re into his kind of music (or just want to watch him, ladies, he’s quite good looking ;), check him out.

Thanks Andy for this nice evening. Goes down smooth.


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